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Online Attendance Solution - Lets Integrate Your Bio-metric Machine

GetTrek-LeavePro a flexible and customizable leave management system. Now create your own leave polices and rules, control approvals by workflow, automated email and notifications on approval or declination.  


  • Custom Leave Policies
  • Email and Notifications
  • Custom workflows
  • and much more . . .


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  • Attendance Management
  • Employees Administration
  • Leave Management
  • Workflows

Bio Metric Online - Pull or Push /  Any machine / Web Enabled /GPRS / WIFI or offline

Bio-Metric Integration

We integrate your bio-metric time attendance machine with our server so your offline machine becomes online and you don’t need to invest any extra money for this and your employees attendance is visible online and can be accessible form any where around the world using our responsive web application

Multiple Branches

Online Time Attendance

Now administrator / owners or manager can track their employees attendance from any where in the world using their mobile phone. Our responsive web application provides ease of access to your attendance. Along with that you can see the attendance branch wise / month wise / day wise / employee wise . 

Multiple Branches

Central Administration

Our Employee administrations makes your life very easy. We provide central administration of your employees from multiple branches located anywhere in the world. You can now keep history of employees from Joining to relieving, from transfer to promotion or any other critical changes in your employee record and everything is managed centrally.

All about an

Employee Information Database

Our Employee information database facilitates you to manage various information regarding an employee. That includes his/her – Joining Details / Bank Account Details / Address Information / Reporting Manager / Classification by Department , Level, Branch , Designation, family details and much more

Classified Employee

Employee Classification

An employee can be classified by various customizable classifications – Department , Levels , Designation . All reports are available using those classifications.

Multiple branches administration

Multiple Branches

You can create multiple branches and can register your employees in any specific branch. Now all your reporting and statistics are available branch wise and your payroll is also computed branch wise. You can track see who is online or who is on leave in a branch or can see how many leave applications are pending for a branch

Organization Tree

Organization Tree

Your organization can easily create and visualize its tree with the help of this great tool. You can easily administer who is under who and at the same time it helps you defining your workflows. Your leave or claim approval can be visualized now who will approve who’s leave and who’s claim.

Leave polices

Custom Leave Policies

GetTrek provides various customizable leave polices by which you can organize more of your leave management. Now you don’t need to remember which employee should be given this leave or not. If employee is a male or female he/she is on probation or confirmed. He had already applied for the same leave in last month or any other condition strikes in your mind.
We study your requirement and help you configure the leave policies according to your requirements.

Week End and Week off Policies

Configurable Weekend Policy

Now you can defined your weekend policy for whole organization or even at employee level. If a department works 6 days a week or 5 days a week you can configure it your own

Configurable Leave Sets

Leave Sets

Create combination of Leave Policy and Leave Type of your choice and can assign the same to the employee. An employee can be entitled with a different set of rule and policies which is very much possible in our system.

Leave Application Assignment and Approval

Leave Application and Approval

Quick and easy interface for leave application, upload documents at same time and send for approval. Integrated workflow process for multiple approvals, email notification on application and email based forms

Year end processing

Year End Processing

We know that when financial ends it’s an amount of work and lot of pressure. We have eliminated all your worries it’s simple to transfer or lapse the leave balance / auto adjust the encashment and accurately transfer the leave balance or not to transfer depending on your policies

Workflow up to any depth


Create your own workflows for Leave / Claim / Manual Attendance, sends instant notification on leave transaction / claim application or manual attendance, user can easily approve or decline from its email.

Workflow up to any depth

Email Forms

Workflow notifies on your email and just one click opens the email form, all information related to transaction is available on form including attachments.


GetTrek is extremely fast and secure with an Attractively Modern Looking User Interface And it has a ton of awesome features that facilitates every organization to track their employees from any where!

Would I have to pay a big amount for the software ?
No. Just Rs.2/- PEPM. 50 Employees Pack costs just Rs.1200- per year.
Will it work with my existing Bio Attendance Machine ?
99% Yes - Our technical team will verify your existing machine. But your existing machine may require an additional software to install in any of Windows Machine on the same network.
Can I check the attendance from anywhere around the world ?
YES ! Instantly. Using our responsive web application. Screenshot is on the top !
How much time it will take to publish the transfer Attendance record to see it on the web ?
It depends on your internet connection. But generally it takes just 10 seconds.
How its beneficial to get a new machine from GetTrek?
We provide webserver /GPRS / and binary mode machine with extremely fast responsive bio-metric sensor and that pushes the data in just 10 seconds and which does not require any other configuration in your network.
What is the security of My Data?
Your data is protected behind the firewalls and other certified security mechanisms. All data transmission is done over secured channels. Your data is backed-up in every 15 mins and we provide backup copy of your data also.
How much bandwidth it requires in a month?
It just needs 200mb maximum bandwidth for 50 enrollments.
Can we install it on our server ?
Yes, for that you have to call our sales team for a customized quote.
Can our employees login to web and mark their attendance ?
Yes, this feature is available in Leave-Pro Plan

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